Carrier Air ConditionerWhen you notice any decrease in performance from your cooling system, delaying service is a mistake.  Calling a random contractor for repairs can be an even bigger mistake.  An inexperienced technician, lacking the training and tools to accurately diagnose and address the problem, may cause more harm than good.  With over thirty years of dedicated service to home and business owners in Meridian and across Meridian, Quitman, Laurel, Newton, Hattiesburg & Philadelphia, MS, The Service Company has earned recognition for superior workmanship.  We satisfy your need for prompt response, personalized attention, and lasting results at competitive prices.  When you contact us for cooling repair, expect a higher level of professionalism.

Highly Trained A/C Repair Technicians

Our specialists have the tools and experience to fix problems quickly.  Each of our certified technicians are fully-versed, trained, and prepared to provide expert recommendations and service in any situation.  We determine the most cost-effective solution, explain options, and proceed with your consent.  Our commitment to your comfort, safety, and complete satisfaction ensures that the necessary repairs are executed accurately, and most often, in one service call.  With a team of over 75 professionals, The Service Company handles the most complex challenges, works on all makes and models, and draws from extensive resources to provide quick turnaround on all projects.

You certainly don’t want to try to get along without your air conditioning.  You look forward to a refreshingly cool home after a long workday, rely on a comfortable weekend, and a good night’s sleep.  So why struggle along with anything less than optimum performance from your equipment?  Musty smells, screeching sounds, vibrations, dripping, icing over, inadequate humidity control, and longer run times are all symptoms of problems within the unit.   If ignored, these issues will only worsen, resulting in more labor-intensive and costly repairs.  Most often, equipment difficulties are caused by lack of maintenance.  Dust and debris accumulates within the inner workings, strangling airflow.  Contact the professionals from The Service Company, and we’ll get you back to the cool comfort you deserve.

Save energy and stay comfortable with expert air conditioning repairs throughout Meridian, Quitman, Laurel, Newton, Hattiesburg & Philadelphia, MS!

A system that is not running smoothly costs more to operate.  When equipment is forced to work harder to achieve ideal temperatures, more energy is used, resulting in higher utility bills.  Neglecting to call for repairs isn’t saving you time or money, but doing just the opposite.  There’s also the concern of polluted air quality.  If components are clogged with dust, pollen, insects, dander, webs, decomposing rodents, mold, mildew, and algae, these contaminants will impact the air you breathe.  Bacteria may be introduced into the living space every time the air conditioner is activated, leading to health problems.  Call on the certified specialists from The Service Company, and let us keep your home and/or business clean, healthy, and perfectly comfortable.

From your first phone call to the completion of the job, we take pride in our commitment to customer satisfaction, and are well known across Meridian, Quitman, Laurel, Newton, Hattiesburg & Philadelphia, MS for solutions that stand up to time and use.  We offer 24-hour cooling system repair, because we know breakdowns are more than just inconvenient.  Day or night, holidays or weekends, count on The Service Company as your problem solvers.