CarrierWhether you are in the market for new design or upgrade, proper installation of your heating system is critical for efficient and effective operation.  Even the highest quality equipment cannot perform to expectations unless it is installed by a knowledgeable team with proven HVAC experience.  With over thirty years of industry dedication, The Service Company completes every project on time, on budget, and ensures your system is operating at peak performance from the start.

Trust only a professional for your heating installation!

Weather proofing and energy savings are fairly recent concerns.  At one time, it was common to install furnaces with two to four times the necessary capacity.  Insulation, caulking, energy efficient windows, and overall tightening of the home reduces heating loss in winter, allowing a smaller system to provide sufficient comfort.  Oversized furnaces and heat pumps lead to inefficiency, more frequent breakdowns, and uncomfortable temperature swings.  Beware of contractors who check BTU output of your existing system and attempt to sell you one just like it.  Over 50% of all HVAC contractors do not size equipment correctly.

The Service Company takes the job of sizing your heating equipment very seriously, recognizing the long term impact on your comfort, cost, and lasting satisfaction.  We factor in more than square footage, taking into consideration the local climate, insulation quality, number of windows and doors, crawl spaces, and much more, before recommending the exact product for your requirements.  By properly sizing your new system, we ensure optimum efficiency, lower maintenance, and reduced costs over the life of the equipment.

Browse through a wide selection of the leading manufacturers, and The Service Company will help you in selecting the right choice for both practicality and luxury.  We install state-of-the-art heating systems in a variety of styles, configurations, and price ranges, bringing you modern conveniences and proven reliability.  Our licensed technicians will explain the benefits of each model, take a careful look at your specific situation, and put our many years of experience to work for you.

This is the perfect time to consider improved comfort, cost-savings, and temperature control, and if you’re looking for the best of the best, there is no comparison to Carrier.  For over one hundred years, Carrier engineers have continued to raise standards, perfecting the most efficient and sophisticated heating and cooling systems in the world.  Through the Infinity, Performance, and Comfort Series, you’ll receive solutions to all your needs, expectations, and cravings for pure luxury.  Every product in the Infinity line represents breakthrough technology, and when paired with Infinity control, you create personalized comfort.  Customize temperature, humidity, air quality, fan speed, ventilation, and more, all from one, user-friendly device.  With zoning capability, Infinity control remembers the preferences of up to eight family members and treats their space accordingly.  The system conserves energy when you’re out of the house, welcomes you home to perfect temperatures, and automatically adapts to changing interior conditions to operate at peak efficiency at all times.  Whether you’re interested in the benefits of a heat pump or the unequaled warmth of a furnace, you’ll find the perfect solution from Carrier.

The Service Company has the skilled technicians and superior resources to give you a heating installation you won’t be disappointed in!

Founded in 1982, The Service Company is a family-owned business, and we recognize the need for affordable, efficient, and dependable temperature control.  We continue a tradition of personalized attention and straightforward solutions, while remaining current with advancements in technology and techniques.  Increasingly called upon for our diverse range of services, quality workmanship, and courteous customer service, The Service Company has expanded to include over 75 trusted professionals, all working together to deliver exceptional results.  We handle both residential and commercial comfort needs in Meridian and across Meridian, Quitman, Laurel, Newton, Hattiesburg & Philadelphia, MS, with Hattiesburg remaining strictly commercial service.  Count on our certified experts to handle your project from start to finish with unmatched dedication.