GeneratorAnimTo better service our customers, The Service Company has a full electrical line that is equipped to handle any of your electrical needs. Whether you have electrical repairs, renovations or design – commercial or residential, The Service Company is the answer. If your needs are repairs, changing light bulbs, hanging ceiling fans, wiring homes or businesses or any other repairs, you can count on The Service Company’s electrical division

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Over heating and excessive amperage faults in main panel boxes can cause major problems and fire hazards in your home or business. Checking phase balance on buss connection and checking loose and deteriorating termination points are also very important in keeping your electrical equipment in safe condition. Checking ground fault safety devices (i.e. receptacles), around swimming pools, bathrooms and kitchens can help to prevent unnecessary accidents. Wiring upgrades for older buildings in order to meet or exceed national electrical codes is another service that we can provide. If your electrical needs are minor problems or major repairs and replacements, we can handle it all.

The Service Company is your one and only local Guardian Generator Dealer.