Avoid major renovation.  Enjoy perfect temperatures without ductwork.  Consider the endless rewards of a ductless mini split.  These systems require nothing beyond mounting capability, access to electricity, and a three-inch hole in an outside wall.  Let the professionals from The Service Company introduce you to a cost-effective way to replace inefficient window units, space heaters, and electric baseboard heaters.  Transform one room, or up to eight, into an enjoyable space, regardless of available ducts or windows, and save up to 40% on energy use when compared to a standard window A/C unit.

Enjoy the convenience of a ductless HVAC system!

With central air, you’re cooling the entire house.  With a ductless mini split you’re afforded more control.  These convenient systems offer room-by-room temperature adjustment, so you can heat or cool some areas, and not others.  Zoned conditioning saves energy, and with individual thermostats, enables personal comfort preferences. While the ducts in a conventional system can lose up to 30% of the energy produced, ductless systems conserve 95%, due to the fact that energy is transported through insulated lines.  The temperature controlled air is delivered directly into a room, so there is no loss in efficiency.

Since installation is critical to energy savings and reliable performance, know that the certified technicians from The Service Company are experienced in ductless technology, and have the training and sophisticated tools necessary to maximize value.  We perform a load calculation to determine proper sizing of each indoor unit, as well as the best location in each room for installation.  Oversized or incorrectly located air handlers can lead to short cycling, wasted energy, and failure to provide satisfactory humidity control.  A system that is too small will fall short of your comfort expectations.  Let the trained professionals prove our commitment to quality and service with perfect sizing, and a stress-free and on-budget installation of your new ductless mini split system.

No matter the size of the space you want to condition, duct-free systems from Mitsubishi Electric deliver the flexibility, energy efficiency, and precise control to get the job done.  ENERGY STAR qualified, these systems achieve up to 19 SEER, condition two to eight zones, and are extremely quiet.  The indoor unit is very light and compact, and can easily be mounted on the wall.  The outdoor unit offers a thin profile, allowing it to be mounted discreetly on the back or side of the home.  I-See Sensor automatically monitors ceiling and floor temperatures, sampling indoor conditions for two minutes, and adjusting modes accordingly.  With wireless thermostat capability, the wall-mounted control links with your PC, tablet, or smartphone to allow complete control from just about anywhere.

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To learn more about the exciting features, many advantages, and ease of installation of a ductless mini split system, contact The Service Company at 601-485-8529.  As a family owned HVAC provider since 1982, we’ve grown with the needs of our residential and commercial customers in Meridian and across Meridian, Quitman, Laurel, Newton, Hattiesburg & Philadelphia, MS.  Through training updates, continued education, and unwavering dedication to quality service, we remain on the leading edge of technology, allowing us to install, maintain, and repair state-of-the-art systems.  Our team is over 75 members strong, with each of our technicians adding to our level of expertise and ensuring your complete satisfaction.