GreenBuilding_logoTSC’s Energy Solutions Group is a team of LEED® AP professionals and energy managers experienced in the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings according to guidelines set by the
U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).


We believe the LEED certification process is about more than checking requirements off a list. Our first task on any project is to educate the owner, architects, contractors and engineers about sustainable design practices as they pertain to their project. We then map out the entire process as to better focus our attention not on delegating tasks, but fostering communications between each member of the design, construction and maintenance teams. Our greatest contribution to any project is not the certification plaque hanging in the lobby; it’s the confidence in knowing your building was designed, constructed and commissioned within established procedures for both efficient use of resources and environment friendly practices.


leed_logoOur approach to LEED facilitation is two-fold – inform and empower. This produces a cyclical effect, where the design team becomes more and more familiar with sustainable design and becomes more able to “take ownership” of the sustainable design aspects of the project. In other words, the design team has to stamp the drawings, so they should get the credit. Our LEED Accreditation Professionals will assist your design team to work as a cohesive group, being in an optimal project for you the building owner.


Turnkey LEED-EB is TSC’s combination of LEED facilitation for existing buildings and retro commissioning. By combining our expertise of how to “green” a building with our systems know how, we provide a seamless combination of services to provide a high degree of value for our clients. We regularly facilitate buildings or retro-commission them but when we combine these services the client has one point of contact for the most important pieces of the existing building certification puzzle.

The highly trained and experienced group of engineers and technicians at The Service Company make sure each system operates at peak performance and efficiency. This assures quality and low operating costs.